College Captains Welcome

Welcome to Woodcroft College.

‘I Can and I Will, Watch Me’

Beginning our new year journey, we were hit with a sudden wave of emotions, from excitement to nervousness, to a feeling of being overwhelmed about the year ahead. However, this quote produced by the graduating class of 2020, inspires confidence, perseverance, grit, and a driving force for the year ahead.

Upon re-entering the grounds of Woodcroft College we appreciate and pay special thanks to the staff and groundsmen who have spent their efforts in the holidays to give us a school to be proud of and a smooth start to 2020.

Already within the first few weeks back at Woodcroft, it has been great to see a really positive atmosphere around the College.

As we venture into the year ahead, let us view the year as a blank book, filled with only our potential. The beauty of a new year is that it is a clean slate, presenting us with new opportunities, new challenges and new stories. Each page representing a new day, a unique journey, and endless possibilities.

As we write our story, let us make the most of each new day by living in the moment, and to appreciate the luxuries that we might take for granted. Each day as we write in this book, we should embrace the challenges that we will endure, skills we have learnt, and the achievements that we have accomplished.

Making the most of every moment allows us to appreciate the opportunities that each new day brings.

Cloe Griffiths and Connor Ferguson

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