Junior School

Welcome from the Head of Junior School

The Junior School provides young learners with the opportunity to learn and practise the essential social, emotional and problem solving skills they will need throughout their schooling. A major focus of our school is to develop positive self-esteem, helping young children feel confident about who they are, and to encourage them in their ability to take on the challenges of new learning in a caring and nurturing environment.

From their first day at Woodcroft College Junior School, children are encouraged to ask questions, reflect on their learning, explore and research, and to take action through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.

Junior School students acquire and develop the skills of lifelong learners through exciting experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers organise excursions and camps that require active participation and opportunities to see connections between knowledge, skills and life.

Concerts, performances and assemblies also encourage students to take on new challenges and build important communication and presentation skills. Extra curricular activities such Choir, Junior Band, Creative Movement, and Summer and Winter sports encourage students to broaden their interests and develop new skills and talents, while learning important ways to balance their work and play.

Collaborative teaching and learning provides enrichment for all students and supports learning on a needs basis within the classroom in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and an inquiry approach to learning through the LINC (Literacy, Inquiry, Numeracy and Collaboration) Program. Staff work in teaching teams to support classes by the provision of Collaborating Teachers or Collaborating Education Support Officers (ESOs) for all classes Reception to Year 5. Our Teacher-Librarian also supports inquiry learning in all classrooms. Every child receives extra support, greater variety with learning strategies, more mentoring possibilities, small groups and more extension opportunities as an added value outcome of collaborative teaching. For more information on the curriculum offered in the Junior School, please view our Junior School Handbook

Our Junior School is committed to laying a solid foundation to support all students in their learning throughout their educational journey from pre-school to Year 12.

Annette Mikulcic

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