At the Woodcroft College Library, we believe in the benefits of lifelong learning, providing opportunities for personal growth, and are passionate about encouraging a love of reading.

We hope that our students will become confident global and community minded citizens, in both real world and digital environments.

Our library is a vibrant central learning hub, that is actively involved in the whole school community, celebrating and participating in College activities and curriculum learning.

Our library staff will guide and support our students as they navigate their educational, personal and social growth, the changing needs of their community, their wider world, and as they learn what it means to be a considerate and discerning life long learner.

We prepare our students for unknown future needs by developing their independent learning skills, encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teaching digital citizenship, and through encouraging the wide reading of literature.

We offer a significant and well-curated library of books, journals and digital resources. Our librarians work with teaching staff to ensure we are able to provide high quality materials to meet the needs of our curriculum. Our library team can help with resource queries, information literacy development or assist students in choosing a great read.

In addition to our school wide Wi-Fi for easy iPad connection, students have access to a suite of desktop computers and an efficient printing hub in the library. Our specialist staff also have the skills and equipment to support staff and students in accessing and producing multi-media.

Middle and Senior School Students and their parents can log in to our library portal ‘Oliver’ to access a wide range of useful links, view our library news page, manage their loans, and to search for resources. They can also access and borrow a wide range of eBooks via Oliver, or directly from our e-reading platform, so there is always an opportunity to read even if at home or away on holiday.

Librarian: Tina Jameson 

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm
Friday 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Please click below and log in using your library ID to access Oliver.